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by fletcher
2004-10-26 20:12:55
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: How to make a checkbox
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How to make a checkbox

I'm trying to make simple checklists, comprising a list of items on the left side and checkboxes to the right to mark them completed (this is to print and mark with a pen, btw). How to make the box? I clicked back to Nisus 6 and actually found 3 ways to do it -- by making a small graphic box, by typ...
by fletcher
2004-10-26 19:56:55
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: User Interface
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I'm no expert but I don't think this is currently possible. I don't think Apple has done much to facilitate easily changing themes or skins or whatever you call them, so any program doing this would need its own code to handle windows, buttons, etc. And that would be a lot of work. I don't know how ...
by fletcher
2004-10-26 19:42:41
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: Import WordPerfect lines
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I tried Craig's Quickfix suggestion, using four hyphens '----' mapped to a row of underscores, and it worked fine. I don't know why yours would be repeating liked that. But Quickfix doesn't seem to let you apply character formatting or using a graphic as your "fix." I clicked back into Nisus 6 and t...
by fletcher
2003-05-17 08:18:16
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: Intelligent spacing?
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Intelligent spacing?

One thing I noticed is that if you select a word between two others and delete it, NWE doesn't delete the extra space, as other word processors do, even TextEdit. Ditto with dragging a word from one place to another. Hopefully this isn't too hard to fix.