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by gregory12
2020-05-12 07:05:49
Forum: Nisus Writer Pro
Topic: footnote numbering problems
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footnote numbering problems

I really want to like Nisus writer, but I constantly have problems with the footnotes and the numbering. No matter what I try, I can never get the numbering to be the way I want and be consistent. At the end of a quote, I "insert footnote" which then places an normal Arabic numeral, ie. 1. Then at t...
by gregory12
2014-01-22 07:15:09
Forum: Nisus Writer Pro
Topic: disappearing text
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disappearing text

On a few occasions recently, as I was typing in N.W. Pro I have had the text disappear, while in "Page View". However, when I switch to "draft view" all of my text is there. But when I go to print the document it is printed as a blank page, just as it appears in the "Page view". What gives? I don't ...