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by dave
2003-04-24 22:36:41
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: A reminder ...
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A reminder ...

Just a reminder that the Nisus Forums are user-driven, and are NOT "Official" Nisus Support. Please be polite and helpful. Feel free to Search our forums and use tips that you find. Information is provided with no guarantee and should be implemented at your own risk only. Thanks for your understandi...
by dave
2003-03-05 21:32:54
Forum: Other Nisus Products
Topic: First time user
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Re: First time user

A friend suggested I download NISUS free software. This I did some time ago. I don't remember who suggested this! Hence, I cannot ask him/her. I am writing my memoirs. Is there a guide for first time users? The Nisus Way is an excellent resource for beginners and more experienced users. You can rea...
by dave
2003-01-21 21:30:49
Forum: Other Nisus Products
Topic: Next release of Nisus Email?
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Re: Next release of Nisus Email?

Anyone know what is planned for the next release of Nisus Email? I would like to see at least the following: --customized keyboard shortcuts (or at least keyboard shortcuts for Check Mail and to be able to Delete a message via Cmd-X while the message is being viewed) --ability to read HTML-formatte...
by dave
2003-01-21 21:25:50
Forum: Other Nisus Products
Topic: Nisus Writer for Mac OS 8.6?
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Nisus Writer 6.5 works with Mac OS 8.6 and above. You can get it from here: To write in Cyrillic, you will need to install the Cyrillic Language Kit that comes from Apple. Unfortunately, you also need Mac OS 9.x for that, since Apple no longer sells languag...
by dave
2003-01-21 21:20:08
Forum: Other Nisus Products
Topic: polish version
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We do not have a Polish dictionary available for Nisus Writer. As for the Polish version of Nisus Compact, please write to us at