Negative Page Numbers in Nisus Writer?

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Negative Page Numbers in Nisus Writer?

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Taken from The Nisus Way, page 285, "Formatted Page Breaks": <br> "You may want to restart page numbering at some point in your document. For example, you might have 'front matter' (title page, table of contents, etc.) numbered with lowercase Roman numerals like i-vii, after which you want the main body of your text to start on page 1. To restart page numbering, you use a special character called a formatted page break. This is just like an ordinary page break character, except that it also resets the page number variable. To insert a formatted page break, press the Shift key and choose Format Page Break... from the Insert menu (where Page Break normally is). The Page Number Format dialog box (Figure 10.16) will appear..." [I'll let you read from there.] <br> For linked documents, of course, you'll need to go to the Page Setup dialog and enter the first page number of each portion.

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