Can I create my own customized floating tool bars?

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Can I create my own customized floating tool bars?

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<B>Yes</B>, if you have <A HREF="" target="_blank"> Resorcerer</A> (you cannot do it in ResEdit because certain constructs in its FPAL template file do not exist). Standard resource-editing disclaimers apply (work on a copy of the file and do this at your own risk). The FPAL can be customized by cutting and pasting menu item names into the [MenuName] field according to the model: Menu Name:Menu Item Name (For example in FPAL 1289, Button #4 File:Print). The name you use must exactly match the names used in the MENU resource. Or you can use the menu and menu item numbers (example File:Print could be 257:15). <br> To edit the graphic, find the "graphic (cicn)" that corresponds to the item you want to change and edit it (For example in FPAL 1289, Button #4 the graphic cicn ID is 5012). <br> Note that a tool bar button can also perform a macro. Any "syntactically correct" macro argument can be entered in the Macro Argument field. To execute this you must also place "Macros:Execute Selection" in the MenuItem field. See the manual for macros' syntax.

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