How do I format characters using defined styles?

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How do I format characters using defined styles?

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Defined Styles assign designated attributes to a user-named style. You can attach rulers and assign other attributes to a style. Nisus Writer lists your defined styles at the bottom of the Style menu. <br> Working with defined styles makes it easy for you to experiment with how your document looks. Changing a defined style only affects the attributes that are specifically linked to that defined style. Once you change a style, all text of that style in the document changes to match the modifications. <br><B>To define a style:</B> <OL><LI>Choose Define Styles from the Style menu.</LI> <LI>Choose New from the Style pop-up menu.</LI> <LI>Enter a name in the Style box.</LI> <LI>Check any of the boxes for style attributes you want this style to have. You must set at least one attribute to your defined style.</LI> <LI>Click Set, then click Done. Your new style now appears as a command at the bottom of the Style menu.</LI></OL>

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