How do I rename, delete, and find rulers?

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How do I rename, delete, and find rulers?

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The first command in the Ruler Name menu is Name Ruler. Choose this command to rename rulers, delete named rulers, and to find the next occurrence of a named ruler. <br><B>Renaming a named ruler:</B> <OL><LI>Choose the ruler's name from Ruler pop-up menu in the Name Ruler dialog.</li> <LI>Enter the new name in the New Name entry box and click Rename.</li></OL> <B>Un-naming a named ruler:</B> <OL><LI>Select the ruler you want to unname.</LI> <LI>Click your insertion point in the Ruler Name box.</LI> <LI>Select all. This selects all the text in the Ruler Name box.</LI> <LI>Press delete.</LI> <LI>Press return or enter.</LI></OL> <B>Deleting a named ruler:</B> <OL><LI>Press option and choose the name of the ruler you want to remove from the Ruler Name pop-up menu.</LI> <LI>Click Delete and respond to any prompts.</LI></OL> <br> You can delete a named ruler simply by selecting it along the left edge of your document window and pressing. This, however, is just like deleting an unnamed ruler; it deletes this instance of the ruler from your document. <br> When you delete a named ruler, Nisus Writer removes its name from the Ruler Name menu. Any ruler with that name in the document retains the attributes but becomes unnamed. You can delete all instances of a named ruler from a document and still have not deleted the named ruler from the Ruler Name menu; it remains available for use at a later time.

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