Scrolling leaks to other windows (sometimes)

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Scrolling leaks to other windows (sometimes)

Post by alanterra »

If I have two documents open, or one document in two splits, when I scroll the document with my mouse (Magic Mouse, place mouse over document or pane and scroll with one finger), often the document below that document, or the same document in the other split, will scroll. This is extremely annoying. However, this only occurs under some (yet to be determined) circumstances.

For instance, I had a document up with a horizontal split and when I would scroll in one split, the other would often also scroll, but lackadaisically and only in little spurts. Later I had a document with a vertical split, and I brought a different document to the front, and when the front document hit the beginning or the end, then upwards or downwards (respectively) scrolling would scroll one of the splits in the document behind that document.

I rearranged the window order, and after that the bug went away, and now NWP is acting the way it should. I can put the mouse over any window (or split pane of a window) and scrolling only affects that window, and doesn't "leak" to other windows when that window scrolls to its top or bottom.

I don't know how to replicate this, but I hope that Nisus gurus can figure this out from my description.

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Re: Scrolling leaks to other windows (sometimes)

Post by Vanceone »

Hmm, interesting. There is a setting to scroll splits simultaneously; to keep things in sync. It sounds like the first scenario you described was that one, and thus working as intended.

But scrolling in one window shouldn't scroll a different window on a different document. This was a separate document and not another view of the same document?

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Re: Scrolling leaks to other windows (sometimes)

Post by martin »

I'm sorry about the unwanted scrolling. What you described could be a bug, but need not be.

Nisus Writer allows you to establish synchronized scrolling between two split views in the same document, but will also let you sync scrolling between two different documents. If you do the latter then scrolling in one document window (topmost or not) could affect scrolling in another document's window or split views. Maybe you accidentally turned on that mode?

If you encounter the problem again could you please verify that you do not have synchronized scrolling enabled for the active document or split view? That is, confirm that there is no checkmark in front of the menu View > Synchronize Scrolling. If you confirm that and there is still a problem, please let us know. Thanks!

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Re: Scrolling leaks to other windows (sometimes)

Post by ebowden »

I have experienced the same problem. I have checked that sync scrolling is not on.

I have split a single document window horizontally so that the main document is above and references are below. When I try to scroll through the top half and verify references are included in the bottom half the content in the bottom window will jump around. When I try to scroll back to where I was before the jump I find that the page jumps around erratically, often returning to the very end of the document.

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