where is the technical line for Nisus ?

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where is the technical line for Nisus ?

Post by Yohanan »

I understand I cannot receive answers to my problems with Nisus on the forum, in spite of all good will from some of you. Nisus is interesting but my impression is that it should be seriously reworked for people trying to migrate Word docs to Nisus through RTF.
1. First I am obliged to go through Libre Office (thank God it exists) to convert correctly my files to rtf, which Nisus cannot do without introducing a lot of confusions in the text.
2. There are still a lot of changes in formats and fonts. Moreover, when I want to correct the changed passages, I am not given all the styles of what I have called My Own Library.

To sum it up: I cannot go on in Nisus without a serious technical help. If this exists, would anyone be so kind to direct me to the person in charge ?

Thanks in advance.
I have a quite regular IMac 27" ne year old and a MacBook two years old. High Sierra is the system I use.


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Re: where is the technical line for Nisus ?

Post by martin »

Hi Yohanan: you already contacted us privately about these issues a few days ago. Let's just continue working through your questions and complications via email.

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