Grappling With Section Automatic Page Numbering

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Grappling With Section Automatic Page Numbering

Post by levelbest »

I am learning how to use “insert section next page” to assert my automatic numbering scheme in the footer section to start where I want it to start.

I am having a problem. What I want is to have a front page I call “Stop Notes”. This is a new idea suggested in my writing process for me to track what I am doing in the document, who I am writing it for, when I submitted it, etc. Naturally I don't plan to print out this page and neither do I want it numbered. I do want to keep it with the document.

Then I have the standard TOC. There is no reason to number the TOC. I am trying to get my insert automatic numbering in the footer to start of the first page and not before. It appears that, even though I have set the first two pages as separate sections, the footers have not gotten the message.

Normally I insert automatic numbering in a document, Page X of X pages in document. With Sections this appears to be Section X of X pages in section. However, this does not seem to be affecting the footer as it should. Moreover, by now I am frustrated as I am changing too many parameters without really having an understanding of what changes I have made - or not made correctly.

Looking on the side bar I am trying to see if I really did set the first two pages to separate sections and if I did, why are the changed on page three to the footer also inserting page one on the first two pages. I don't want any numbering on the first two footers. I only want my numbering to begin on the third page.

Any suggestions? Thanks very much.

RESOLVED: I figured it out. I was able to restart the page numbering in the palette. Some feedback to the developers, insert automatic page numbering is logical. When starting to use Sections, insert automatic section number sounds logical, but it is not logical at all. That is, if the assumption is that once you have a new section, you are trying to restart the automatic numbering in the new section - it isn't doing this. Ah well, Nisus is quite powerful and now, I have learned something new. Getting back to the writing then and, thanks if you took any interest in this topic.

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Re: Grappling With Section Automatic Page Numbering

Post by martin »

I'm glad you figured out how to restarting page numbering after your TOC. I'm sorry if the process was a little confusing. For the sake of anyone else with this same problem, here's a breakdown of what needs to be done to restart numbering:

1. Insert a section break where you want to restart page numbering, eg: via the menu Insert > Section Break > Next Page.
2. Select any text in the new section (ie: after the section break) and checkmark the option to restart page numbering in the Sections palette:
palette.png (42.37 KiB) Viewed 2921 times

That should do it, so page numbering restarts after the section break. The only other aspect to consider is how to display page numbers in the headers or footers of the new section. If your document already has headers/footers showing page numbering then the new section will by default show that too. Otherwise you might need to edit your headers/footers:

1. If you want the new section to have headers or footers that are completely different from the prior section (aside from just page numbering), then you need to checkmark the option "Different Headers" and/or "Different Footers" in the Header/Footer palette.
2. If your header or footer lacks a page number, place the insertion point inside the header/footer and use the menu Insert > Automatic Number > Page Number.

I hope that helps clarify this for anyone else with the same problem.

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