margin behavior with double-sided printing

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margin behavior with double-sided printing

Post by Derick »

The user guide says on page 130 (154 of the PDF) re: margins that "The terms Inner and Outer refer to the edge of the paper closest to the
binding and to the outer edge." I just double-sided printed a document that I intend to put in a binder, with a 1.5" inner margin and 1" outer margin. For odd-numbered pages, it's fine, there's a 1.5" margin on the L side as expected, but for even-numbered pages, i.e. the backs, there's also a 1.5" margin on the L -- which is the OUTER side of a double sided page.

Is there another setting I need to change somewhere to get NWP to know that a doc. is being printed double-sided & adjust inner/outer margin behavior properly?

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In the Sections palette, Derick, you need to check the top option: "Use Facing Pages".

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