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Line over signature

Posted: 2007-07-16 11:30:56
by Ted Walsh
Is it possible to draw a line over, rather than under, a word, as at the end of a letter?

certianly different

Posted: 2007-07-16 12:19:36
by gemboy27
wow, that is an interesting --- different question

what if you put a like above your word

and then subscripted it...

or made the line spacing .8, instead of 1

Posted: 2007-07-16 16:16:17
by martin
There is no proper "overbar" feature at this point, but if it's just a letter you're working on, I think we've got a few options for you:

1. Add a table with a single cell that contains your signature. Configure the top border however you would like and make the other borders invisible.

2. In the paragraph preceding your signature insert a tab character. You can then add a leader tab to the ruler. Once the leader tab is placed you can double-click the tab marker to configure the leader to be a line of whatever style you prefer.

Line above word

Posted: 2007-07-17 00:04:48
by Ted Walsh
Many thanks.

Re: Line above word

Posted: 2007-07-17 05:44:32
by xiamenese
Ted Walsh wrote:Many thanks.
If you open the Character Palette, under phonetic symbols you can find "combining macron" which will put a macron over a single letter. If you then look in the related character pane, next to combining macron is "combining overline" ... that does the same thing but a point or so higher -- you can combine the two to get a double overline over a character. The availability of these is dependent on font though. They are unicode 00000300 for combining diacritical marks, with the macron being 0304 and the overline being 0305. Neither available in ISO-8859-1 apparently.


Posted: 2007-07-17 06:17:46
by Hamid
Ted Walsh wrote:Is it possible to draw a line over, rather than under, a word, as at the end of a letter?
If you need to overline a word or more which are on the same line and on which there won't be words without overline, you can use a workaround as follows:

Underline the words that you want to oveline; then select what you have underlined and apply the following command twelve times:

Format:Baseline:Lower Baseline

You can copy this command twelve times, each occurrence of the command separated by a Return, and save it as a Nisus Writer Pro macro with the extension nwm. When you apply the macro once, the underline will appear like overline.

Posted: 2007-07-20 10:53:45
by TommyW
Hamid, thank you. That's really cool.

Posted: 2007-07-20 15:22:27
by greenmorpher
Clever stuff, Hamid, as always. But not for use amid general text, however, because effectively, it leaves a blank line above it.

Cheers, Geoff

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Posted: 2007-07-20 23:49:08
by TommyW
Indeed. But it's perfect for a signature which what I immediately thought of.