Problem with indents when a graphic is inserted in a margin

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Problem with indents when a graphic is inserted in a margin

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If you set up a paragraph indent, not only are the measurements confused (see elsewhere -- you specify the measurements from the edge of the page, not the text margin -- wrong way to do it) but NW itself is confused about where it takes its measurement from.

I just tried dropping a graphic into the space left by an indent and found that NW then regards the edge of the graphic as the starting point for the indent.

So -- we have a situation where:

* When the user sets up indents by inserting measurements in the dialog box, all measurements for both left and right indents must be given as taken from the left hand edge of the page, NOT from the left and right text margins, as they should be.

* When the user moves the margins, the indents move, showing that, in fact, they are tagged to the margins as they should be, not tied to the lefthand edge of the page.

* BUT when a graphic is inserted in the space left by the indent, a whoole new scenario shows up:

-- If the graphic is an "Inline with text" graphic, you can drag it into the indent space and it sits there fine as though that is empty space.

-- If the graphic is either "Moves with paragraph" or "Fixed to page", so long as the graphic is WITHIN the paragraph, it destroys the indent specifications -- the indent applies to the graphic WITHIN the paragraph so it offsets text from itself by the indent amount.

-- If the graphic is either "Moves with paragraph" or "Fixed to page" and you drag it into the indent space and butt it against the margin, NW will treat the edge of graphic as the beginning point for measuring the indent. So if you have, say, a left indent of 2 cm and you insert a 1.5 cm graphic into the indent space and set it hard against the left margin, NW will indent text adjacent to the graphic at 3.5 cm, not 2 cm.

This stuff needs fixing. Can we have the dialog box measurements fixed at the same time, please?

Cheers, Geoff

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