Very Impressed!! :)

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Very Impressed!! :)

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I've just upgraded to "Pro" after using Express for a year or so. I always worry about stability with "creative" applications - you don't want all your work disappearing in a puff of smoke at a vital moment!

Anyway, I tried opening a PDF of 7MB just for the fun of it... Well, "Pro" asked politely if I wanted to recover the available text etc and I said, yes. Off it went. I got a little worried when it reached just short of 16,000 pages!! However all was under control... I asked "Pro" to close the file once it had fully opened, and although it took a couple of minutes to rid itself of the spinning beach-ball, all proceded properly WITHOUT A CRASH!!

A marvellous testiment to a properly written program!! Thanks Nisus for a quality application!

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Post by K-9 »

I am new to Nisus Writer and Pro too. I have not had a chance sue to my schedule and job to get into the higher end of this app, moslty basic notes and text stuff; but I am very impressed too.

Wish I had found and researched this app earlier.

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Wish I had found and researched this app earlier.
We're pleased you like Nisus Writer Pro. So that your friends don't have to wait longer, why not tell them all how good the application is and encourage them to purchase it?
You can even send them the link to the demo. ... sWriterPro
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Post by greenmorpher »

Mark, you are famous for your subtlety! :lol:

But yes, guys, its good advice! :D

Cheers, Geoff

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