numbered footnotes ~ default/custom style

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numbered footnotes ~ default/custom style

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It seems that MS Word has been around for so long that some people have forgotten that a footnote number doesn't have to be in superscript: in fact, the footnote list should look like a regular numbered list, and it's only the reference number [in text] that's expected to be in superscript.

As a matter of fact, this was standard for professional typographers a few decades ago, as witnessed by the ClarisWorks manual or old books like structure and interpretation of computer programs*. At that time, WordPerfect, for one, didn't default to Micro$oft-style footnote numbers.

Unfortunately, it looks like the superscript style is now hardwired in NW Pro's footnote style...

Or is there a way to override this and restore a regular number?

* 1991 edition

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Post by ProfT »

This behavior is fully capable of being changed via styles.

The footnote paragraph style shows that the reference number in the footnote is formatted based on the Footnote Reference character style.

If you create a new character style, say one titled Footnote Regular you may format the text as you wish. It need not be superscripted.

Then in the footnote paragraph style change the Note Reference Style to your newly created Footnote Regular and you'll be in business!

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