Writing styles templates questions...

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Writing styles templates questions...

Post by Penster1959 »

Dear Forum Members,

I haven't purchased the software yet; before I can get a few questions answered, hopefully. Does the software have pre-formated templates such as APA, MLA, and Chicago format templates? I am a college student and must write in the before stated styles most of the times.

Thank you,

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Post by mrennie »

No, the software doesn't offer any of these. However, Nisus Writer Express/Pro generates RTF files, which can be scanned by bibliography software such as Endnote.

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Post by ptram »

NWP can use document templates with custom styles, but doesn't come with any of them. It would be a good idea to create some user templates and collect them somewhere in Nisus' own web site, or in some area of this forum.


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Post by gemboy27 »

Do you want to have MLA formating, or a page that opens with that style?

You might want to create a Paragraph style and give a short cut like shift cmd-1 so you can make your biblography, then format it with a key stroke

I am not sure if that is where you were headed, hope it helps
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