How to create a solid line?

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How to create a solid line?

Post by natan »

I'm trying to put a solid line in my resume. Any have any idea how to do this?


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Re: How to create a solid line?

Post by Kino »

A horizontal line? If so, type as many no-break space (option-space) or ordinary space characters as you like and apply on them Format:Strikethrough:Single. In a certain situation, tab leader might be handier.

Alternatively you can use characters for box drawings:
 U+2500 ────────
 U+2501 ━━━━━━━━
If you want to use U+2500 or U+2501, just copy and paste (Paste Text Only) them from the browser window onto NW Pro's edit window. Then, apply your favourite font. Helvetica and all (or most?) Chinese/Japanese/Korean fonts have those characters. MS fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman have U+2500 only.

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Re: How to create a solid line?

Post by natan »

U+2500 was exactly what I needed. Thanks!

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Re: How to create a solid line?

Post by xiamenese »

natan wrote:U+2500 was exactly what I needed. Thanks!
I've only just seen this, but my solution is to put a centred single cell table the width of the document (or you can make it however wide you want it) with a small row height (but again that's up to you) and then put the bottom frame-line only on the cell. Doing that gives me all the line-type options available with tables, thicknesses, or double line combinations.


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Re: How to create a solid line?

Post by martin »

The best way to include a solid horizontal line in text is to use paragraph borders. The trick is to set the paragraph's border so only the bottom edge is visible. You can do that in Nisus Writer using the Paragraph Borders palette:

bottom-edge2.png (49.97 KiB) Viewed 2355 times

Add a Line by Setting the Paragraph's Bottom Edge:
1. Place the insertion point (aka: caret) in the paragraph that should appear before the line.

2. In the Paragraph Borders palette, under "Edges to modify", adjust the edge diagram so only the bottom edge is selected. You can do that in a variety of ways, but the simplest is to click the edges you don't want to deselect them. That is: click the top, left, and right edges so they no longer appear selected (as in the above screenshot).

3. Once only the bottom edge is selected, choose the desired line style, thickness, and color. You can also adjust the vertical padding to control how much space occurs between the text and the line.

If you often need these kinds of horizontal lines in your text it's probably best to create a paragraph style that enforces the desired line settings. That way you need only change your paragraph style to add a line.

Other Methods to Create a Line:
If for some reason you don't want to use paragraph borders to enforce the line, here are some other methods available:

1. Use a leader tab in an otherwise empty paragraph. You'll have to insert a tab character into the empty paragraph, and then add a leader tab to the ruler, eg: use the menu Format > Paragraph Indents > Add Tab Stop. The leader tab's location on the ruler should coincide with your document's right margin, so the leader line extends across the entire page.

2. Insert a freeform line as a floating shape, eg: use the menu Tools > Insert Shape > Line. If you want the line to be perfectly horizontal hold down the Shift key as you draw it.

3. Paste enough of the aforementioned box drawing characters (─ or ━) into your text to extend across the page.

Methods #2 and #3 have the drawback that the line won't automatically track your text area's width. If your paper size or margins change you'll need to edit the line.

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Re: How to create a solid line?

Post by ameddo »

A simple method I tried to make a solid horizontal line is by keeping the option key pressed with the dash or hyphen key!

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Re: How to create a solid line?

Post by adryan »

G’day, ameddo et al

I confess to doing that too sometimes, but it is as well to be aware that with that technique solidity is a function of the font. Compare, for example, Lucida Grande and Palatino.

Other peculiarities of this technique are that it admits of shadows and that the baseline can be changed by changing the font (compare Didot, DIN Alternate and DIN Condensed).

I find the lines thus produced by Courier Bold Oblique particularly fetching, but I could be imagining things.

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