New feature request: faster text-color change

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New feature request: faster text-color change

Post by gardenjim »

As I edit black text, I put changes in blue and questions for the author in red. The fastest way to do this is by opening the colors palette and clicking on the color I want, then clicking back on the text before typing. It occurred to me today that it would save a step if I could just click once on the color I want, then continue typing in the new color (without clicking back on the text to reactivate the cursor).

—Jim McCausland

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Re: New feature request: faster text-color change

Post by martin »

If it were me, I'd set up a character style for each of those colors. Then you could click the relevant entry in the Styles palette to turn on the style, and Command + click to toggle it off. But maybe you have a reason for avoiding styles.

You might assign each color menu a keyboard shortcut. Then you'd be able to quickly switch between then without even reaching for the mouse.

Another solution would be to add custom toolbar items, one for red and one for black. Clicking a toolbar item doesn't steal keyboard focus away from the document area.

I hope some of those ideas help!

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Re: New feature request: faster text-color change

Post by xiamenese »

I have been doing a similar kind of thing for a long time. Since Nisus Writer (Pro) supports multiple character shortcuts and the basic text colour options are there in the menu system, I have set red to Cmd-RR, black to Cmd-BB and blue to Cmd-BL. For each edit you make you do have to set the colour individually, but the keystrokes are very quick and natural. Just highlight the text to change using the keyboard possibilities, use the colour shortcut as required, then type the new text ... a quick key press away from what is taking you a mort of mousing to achieve.


Addendum: If you're adding new text, as you were saying, comments or questions, you just have to press the appropriate colour shortcut and type away.

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