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Re: NW for iPad?

Posted: 2018-12-27 10:34:34
by pbasswil
An ancient thread, but I'll add my two cents:

I could really use a way to round-trip my Nisus files seamlessly between Mac & iPad, one that doesn't lose stuff from my Nisus documents. I don't care if the iPad app is Nisus, or something else that's fully compatible with Nisus files.

I depend on my Table of Contents headings (in the Navigator) to both navigate my texts and to organize my grasp of my articles. And I depend on Comments to annotate my writing with non-printing thoughts & notes to myself. If the iOS/Mac round trip loses those, it's not useful to me.

Re: NW for iPad?

Posted: 2018-12-29 15:30:27
by fljones3
I have no insight into anything that Nisus is doing or not doing. However, to my way of understanding, the release of Nisus Pro 3 was a great encouragement that perhaps, just perhaps, maybe perhaps there is an iPad version floating in alpha somewhere.


Re: NW for iPad?

Posted: 2019-07-13 07:14:07
by dude
As a long time user, NWP 1, 2, and now 3, I too hope to see an iPad integration.

I purchased NWP 3 in spite of me not using anymore because of this lack of functionality. It's 2019 and the iPad is here to stay. My $0.02.

Re: NW for iPad?

Posted: 2019-07-15 07:56:47
by MacSailor
dude wrote:
2019-07-13 07:14:07
As a long time user, NWP 1, 2, and now 3, I too hope to see an iPad integration.

I purchased NWP 3 in spite of me not using anymore because of this lack of functionality. It's 2019 and the iPad is here to stay. My $0.02.
Maybe Nisus should do as they did when they moved from the Classic Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X and bought Okito Composer, buy an already existing app and build their own iOS app from there on? Then they do not have to start from scratch.

I believe too that both iOS and iPad is here to stay. I'm slowly going to use my newly invested iPad Air 3 more and more, and my old MBP 2012 less and less. Too expensive to buy the MBP with the specs I want today. iPad is good enough for my needs, as far as I can tell anyway. But I do miss Nisus on my iPad (but I do have both Mellel and Scrivener).

Re: NW for iPad?

Posted: 2019-07-15 08:18:02
by dude
I use Scrivener extensively on my Mac and iPad. I find myself using Google Docs for short form writing because of iPad access.

Re: NW for iPad?

Posted: 2019-07-31 04:06:06
by levelbest
I have a workaround that I use. I have an earlier iPad that uses a different iCloud set up so I cant transfer Pages easily - or at all using standard iCloud preferences. But, Notes works great.

I use Nisus. And I also make good use of TaskPaper to work through my rough ideas. As a project develops, I write, then I copy, open Notes, and paste. I might make minor adjustments and I have to remember not to use space after formatting for my lines as Notes won't understand this. In this phase it helps to use hard returns and format my Nisus document when I am near completed with it.

Then I go outside, have a cigar, have my writing read back to me. This gives the editor in my brain a different point of view hearing the words. If I make changes I will highlight the paragraph that had the changes and bolden it.

When I am done I let it sync back to Notes on my mac. Then select the edited parts and paste back into my Nisus document.

I think it would be great if I could write in Nisus and was able to continue unmolested on iPad. However, I am learning that my writing process involves three apps at the moment, four if you include Notes and iPad. I organize my ideas using TaskPaper, when I am trying to organize my structure and add graphics (if needed) I move to Scrivener as it allows me to view only certain sections at a time. And finally, it is Nisus time. I love Nisus for all that it does. But I also realize that I need the other parts of my writing process as Nisus will likely never fold sections out of the way like TaskPaper can do, or allow non contiguous sections to read as a single section as Scrivener can do.

Which is all to say, the cutting and pasting back and forth to Notes when I want to review my ideas on an iPad is not all that bothersome to me as I now have accepted that this is never going to be a linear process anyway. My two cents.

Re: NW for iPad?

Posted: 2020-04-04 05:25:35
by spitfire31
Two things have changed.

One thing for me personally: my 'typewriter', NWP on a 2013 MB Air running Mojave, is getting tired. I'll have to look for a replacement, RSN.

One general thing: Apple iPad Pro 12.9 now has a fully useable typing keyboard.

I'm leaning heavily to the iPad Pro as an ideal travelling replacement for my old MB Air. But I need Nisus Writer on it! Not necessarily the Pro version; the Express would do just fine, I think.

Unlike levelbest's post above, I'm not tempted by workarounds. I don't think I'd settle for writing in NWP on my iMac, open in Pages and save, write in Pages on the iPP, send back to Pages on my iMac, Export to RTF and finally open RTF in NWP. If nothing else, its inelegant!

The iPad Pro plus the Magic :-P Keyboard with real scissor keys, track pad, an extra USB C and back lighting, is a game changer for writers!

So, please, consider at least NWE for iOS!

Kind regards,


Re: NW for iPad?

Posted: 2020-04-04 05:35:27
by dude
We are ten years into the iPad, no app at this point is the end of NWP for me going forward.