Dragon Dictate 2.0

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Dragon Dictate 2.0

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I'm writing/editing a large book on NWP—the fifth I've done with this wonderful software—so my files are typically 30000 to 60000 words long. I recently tried using Dragon Dictate 2.0 with NWP, and just want to post a word of warning to other NWP users: don't. Not sure what's up, but here's what happens. I tried opening a new doc and speaking words into it with Dictate, and all seemed to work fine. But then I went back to my main, 30,000-word file, and suddenly keyboard entry slowed down to a snail's pace. I tried trashing the Nisus prefs and restarting, and that sped things up for awhile, but then everything slowed down again. I tried copying formatted text from my Nisus doc into a new doc, and it was still slow. Then I tried copying text-only into a new file, and everything was fine (but I had to reformat everything) until I opened Dragon Dictate in the background again. Then everything slowed down and remained slow even after I closed Dragon. That's the story. These two just don't seem to like each other.

Jim McCausland

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Re: Dragon Dictate 2.0

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Bugger. Just got it.

Cheers, geoff

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