Overstrike possible in Nisus?

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Re: Overstrike possible in Nisus?

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Elbrecht wrote:Hi Steven -

The Mac is no typewriter - I was told in times of old. The up to date way to handle your input is using FORMAT/STRIKETHROUGH in Nisus - then the text stays intact and is searchable - and you can import it to any other application. Give the text a note why you replaced with good reason and everyone will love you for your choice of replacing!
The Mac is no scanner - as well…
Hmm, this isn't as easy as you think, because I want the overstriking to be the place that the reader realizes that the particular piece was done on a typewriter -- and this varies throughout the work, some are, some aren't -- but...this got me thinking. My solution above should work, but yes, it might be best to do something like you suggested. I could for instance put in a single note early in the book to the effect that sections that were typewriter overstruck will be with normal strikethrough but with a single solidus at beginning and end to indicate that a typewriter was used there. Then I can use the solidus combination for those two letters (start, and end), with regular strikethrough in between. Everything will be searchable, and no graphics will be required.

Thanks, I'll try that.

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Re: Overstrike possible in Nisus?

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Well Steven -

then you can make a difference using SINGLE / DOUBLE STRIKETHROUGH - and declare what's what from the start.
How about coloring STRIKETHROUGH as well?

Good luck
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