Verifying "Nisus Writer Pro"

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Verifying "Nisus Writer Pro"

Post by hatchmo »

This is an alert to those updating to the new version 2.1.6. When you first launch it, you will see this message:
  • Verifying "Nisus Writer Pro"
It takes a long time. On my Mac Pro, the verification ran for nearly 2 minutes. But it eventually finished.
(This might be true only for my non-Mac App store download.)
Al Hatch

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Re: Verifying "Nisus Writer Pro"

Post by martin »

Thanks for the warning on this Al. It's true that macOS can take a decent amount of time to verify any application of significant size, including Nisus Writer. How long this takes will depend on your hardware. During verification the system checks code signatures to make sure the app is from an identified developer and hasn't been tampered with. This is a security feature.
This might be true only for my non-Mac App store download
I think the Mac App Store hides the verification step from the user, batching it in with the download/install process. Verification is still required, but it will be completed before the user first launches the updated app.

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