Beware Catalina

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Beware Catalina

Post by adryan » 2019-10-16 04:11:14

G’day, all

For anyone contemplating moving to macOS 10.15 Catalina, be aware that Mac-related forums appear to be flagging more than the usual number of difficulties with a new operating system. I for one will be sticking with Mojave for many months yet. In fact, if past experience is anything to go by, it may be worth waiting for 10.16 which might place more emphasis on functional improvements than on seductive new features — a “leapfrogging” pattern Apple has adopted before.

A similar caveat applies to iOS 13. How Apple could reach the stage where one of its own phones fails to ring or vibrate for incoming calls is beyond me. The failure of a telephone to perform one of the most basic functions of a telephone is akin to the failure (not so long ago) of the Calculator on the Mac’s giving an error message whenever the percentage key was pressed (a bug that has since been fixed).

It’s hard to know how many of the problems are due to installation and upgrading on top of an existing operating system, and how many would affect the purchaser of a new device with one of these new operating systems pre-installed on it. The answer to this would have considerable relevance to the timing of a hardware purchase, one would think.

Oh, and be aware that 32-bit applications will no longer work under Catalina. So make sure you don’t have any you rely on before deciding to move to Catalina.

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Re: Beware Catalina

Post by xiamenese » 2019-10-16 04:49:10

Heartily endorse that!

I normally update my OS at .1 or .2 of a new version, but with Catalina I'm going to hold my horses and wait to be sure that all the gremlins have been squashed.



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