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is it me

Posted: 2004-08-29 10:50:20
by gemboy27
I thought I would give the demo version a shot,

but when I double click on the program it gives me the message:

Internal Error: can not load and open menus...

or something like that@


Posted: 2004-08-29 10:51:56
by gemboy27
btw, I am using a g4 iMac, with 10.3.5 OS

is it me

Posted: 2004-09-11 05:40:31
by Neil Hughes
Have you contacted Nisus support?

I only have the Classic version but that appears to have been created with RealBasic - maybe there's an issue with the version used to build NE and OSX 10.3?

Re: is it me

Posted: 2010-02-03 00:16:49
by rekk1986
If you don't know something you should ask the supporting team. That is what I often do.