“British” English

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“British” English

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Having just returned to the family of Nisus Writer users after a long absence - I last used NW when I was running OS 7.5 on my Power Computer (a Mac clone, RIP) - and I was at first amused and ultimately annoyed at the use of the term “British English“. Most people around the world who use English on a daily basis - and I understand that the number in India exceeds the population of England - use a form of the language which may be much more accurately, and inoffensively, called “International English“. The obvious exceptions, of course, are the USA and arguably, Canada.
Hope you folks in the back room haven’t had an attack of hubris.


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I think we Americans think the world revolves around us. You're right about the English dilemna. Why not add Southern English (south of the Mason-Dixon line) while we're at it? :)

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