Guide and Help Errata

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Guide and Help Errata

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Instructions in the Guide and Help file for Nisus Writer Express 2.5 contradict each other in a number of places. Evidently, neither was spell-checked well, if at all.

(1) In the Help file, Figure 47 and Figure 49 are two different images, yet their captions purport to show the First Line Indent marker. They can’t both be right.

(2) For Figure 51, the words in the caption are jumbled so that it doesn’t make sense.

(3) On the same page, the manual says
Drag the First Line In/Outdent marker across the ruler and release the mouse button at the position where you want the first character of your paragraph to appear.
Drag the First Line Indent and/or the Right Indent marker across the ruler and release the mouse button where you want the lines of your paragraph to wrap.
The first is correct, the second is incorrect.
Al Hatch

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You are probably the first person to actually sit down and read the manual :)

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There's a manual? ;)

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