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Linkback and OmniOutliner

Posted: 2005-12-03 21:32:20
by hatchmo
OmniOutliner 3.5 is now Linkback enabled.
However, I cannot get OmniOutliner and NWX 2.5 to link.

Any document belonging to one application, dragged into the other application does nothing. Any content pasted from one application into the other becomes merely text with no link.

OmniOutliner has a Linkback menu item under the Edit menu. NWX has no Linkback menu item.

Am I missing something?

Posted: 2005-12-04 11:18:54
by Ryan
As I understand it, both NWE and OmniOutliner are host applications only. That is, you can only put in content from other programs, you can't link the content out into other apps.

OmniGraffle, for instance, is a server app. You can past LinkBack data from OmniGraffle into Nisus Writer Express and update it.