Setting custom tab stops in style sheet

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terrence wood
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Setting custom tab stops in style sheet

Post by terrence wood »

How do I set custom tab stops for in the style sheet?

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Post by cchapin »

Pretty much the same way you would set them in Draft View or Page View. You'll need to show the ruler if it isn't showing (Edit > Ruler).

Because of the style-list column, the full margin-to-margin ruler might not fit in the window. You can double-click a ruler droplet and set its position that way.


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Post by hatchmo »

What is a ruler droplet?
Al Hatch

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Post by martin »

Ruler markers/droplets are any of the little icons that mark special distances on the ruler. Eg: a tab stop has a little black arrow for its marker.

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Post by midwinter »

You guys need a blog series of "hey! what's that thing called?!" :wink:

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