bug/error in 2.6

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bug/error in 2.6

Post by soulbarn »

this is either a bug or a mistake, depending on how you interpret it. But it is clearly a problem! \\ :wink:

If you type a sentence in quotes, and close the quoted phrase with a comma and then a quote mark, ie:

"I love nisus," said the monkey.

Nisus interprets the close quote as a new open quote mark, rather than as a proper close quote mark (of course, this only happens if "smart quotes" is enabled in the Quick Fix section of preferences.)

I thought I might try a workaround on this - actually making a quick fix entry for comma-open quote to sub comma-close quote, but I guess quickfix only does plain text.

any way to fix this?



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Post by cchapin »

This doesn't happen for me. The second quotation mark comes out as a closing quotation mark. I'm afraid I have no idea why it doesn't work properly in your case. Anybody?


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Post by soulbarn »

actually, I've noticed that it doesn't always happen for me, either. I'm able to reproduce it, but there seems to be no logical reason I can see (though there must be one, somewhere in the code, I guess) for one instance or the other.

Oh well.

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Post by martin »

If you can, send the document to expressfeedback@nisus.com and tell us where in the document the problem occurs exactly.

Mark XM
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Post by Mark XM »

Whenever I have had this happen, I have found that it was because I had accidentally put a space in there that I hadn't noticed. You sure that's not the case with your texts?


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