german localizsation

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german localizsation

Post by Reiner »

in german language it is usual to wirte e.g. "1,5" instead of "1.5" which is reflected by the number-block of the keyboard. there is a , not a . on german keyboards.

but nwx needs dots e. g. with the page margins.

please change this in the localization of 2.7, there is no reason why not both ways of inserting numbers should be allowed. if nwx shows it everytime with dots this is not a problem as long as I can insert it with commas.

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Post by Agnostus »

It's the same with e.g. Swedish. The funny thing is, that some Cocoa apps take these things directly from the system preferences (I've noted this behaviour in Cashbox, a small freeware app for financial tracking). However, I guess it doesn't make sense to implement that in a multilingual textprocessor as you would have to change the system prefs when you switch language. So, maybe Nisus should add this as an option to the "Languages" pane of NWXs prefs.

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