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Release date?

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Hey, wasn't the public beta of Pro supposed to come out in January? According to my clock, that means sometime in the next two hours. I, for one, will be here clicking refresh over and over.

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Well, in the announcement it says, "a Public Beta will be released soon". Measured by, say, cosmic standards, this could mean another million or so years... :wink:
But, as it says, Pro will be released in late Winter/early Spring 2007 which to me means something around March/April.
So let's be patient (as ever)...

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Well, I am getting pretty old and senile so I could be wrong but I thought Mark said January when I talked to him at MWSF. Even if he did say January, I'm not seriously going to hold a slipped deadline against them.

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Post by nspy »

xiamenese wrote: I'm with Midwinter here. Everyone has their pet features, and so many people seem to be outraged that their pet feature has not been at the top of the list--"It can't be difficult to program change-tracking" (i.e. why hasn't it been done?)--erm, excuse me? are you a programmer who knows the ins-and-outs of Nisus code to know that it must be easy? I'm not and
On the last question, yes and no. I am a programmer, but don't know their code. On the real question here, the issues is getting somewhere the level of Nisus Classic 6.5, which had features I rely on still that have not yet made a whisper of an appearance in the X version. This leaves me still running classic for this one app, because I have many thousands of files that use invisible text, mail merge, TOC, indexing, the graphics layer, macros, etc.

Does that put my whimpering into a slightly different context?
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