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First impressions

Posted: 2003-04-25 17:34:07
by brifer
Favourable at the least.

I received a message that the beta was available through Composer site, but there was something wrong; the .sit file eventually gave the download as 9.7 MB of 3.8 MB which is about the size of the unstuffed application. The .gz file did not download. Then going to the message from Nisus, the .gz download was good considering the time at which I downloaded.

Installation simple from the .dmg file. No indication where to install. Since this is OS X, I suggest that the ReadMe file should give instructions about where to place files. For example, and I hope I get these correct (:

Install the application Nisus Writer Express in *Mac HD/Users/YourHome/Applications* which is *~/Applications/*
Create a folder Nisus Writer in ~/Library/Application Support/Nisus Writer for additional support files.
For Macro storage create a folder ~/Library/Application Support/Nisus Writer/Macros.

And so on.

Selecting NWEx as the Application to read Nisus Email documents works correctly. I've not yet tried Replying. Whether to switch to Apple with the advantages of using the AddressBook must be a consideration at this stage, but NEX is very simple to use despite a few bugs. Being able to access Safari directly from NWEx is great; NE did not allow this.

Being able to use only one letter with Command + Shift/Option/Control for shortcuts needs work.

Not having visible Paragraph Rulers is disappointing. This feature of all Nisus Writers in the past was what set NW apart from all other word/text processors.

Graphics layers. Will they come?

A good start but, frankly, I cannot see much new stuff from the last Okito Composer.


My first impressions

Posted: 2003-04-27 17:24:23
by JonGoldman
The application looks nice, but its bears almost no resemblance to Nisus. More of a souped up text editor.

Things that we need:

1) Named rulers
2) Proper opening of current Nisus files (otherwise why bother even using it). I would have thought this would have been the top priority, but even our basic "fax cover sheet" templates won't open (they have some graphics in them).
3) Graphics layer
4) Date variables
5) Styles

This is our only remaining classic application, unfortunately we can't upgrade unless we have these items.

Re: First Impressions

Posted: 2003-04-28 13:13:25
by Geoffrey
Love the look and feel. Please, oh please, however, allow files to be saved, and therefore readable, in Nisus Classic. I tried opening up classic Nisus files in Nisus OS X and lost most of my styles, line numbers, spacing, etc.

I'm also trying to figure out how to create footnotes. Surely there must be a way....

Despite my constant use of OS X since last Summer, all my word processing is done with Nisus Classic (and my job is nothing but word processing!).

I look forward to the final version which, I hope and pray, will take care of these concerns.