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Without graphic layer?

Posted: 2003-05-05 22:58:17
by hakohugu
One of my favorite functions in NisusWriter is Graphic-layer.
One of my current interests is to open/edit MS-Word file.

When I try to open MS-Word file to identify some differences between the view opened with Nisus and the view opened with MS-Word, the graphic layer is very helpful to point out the difference to the technical support.

I could not find the graphic control function in NisusWriterExpress.
Does "Express" mean the light-version, without graphic function, of NisusWriter forOS-X?

If you have any suggestion, please let me know how to use the graphic function.

Thank you for your advice in advance.


Posted: 2003-05-06 08:00:29
by JBL
Three little words: "Express", "1.0" and "Beta". This version is pretty stripped down. In particular it has no graphics layer. The only graphics support is that you can paste in inline graphics.

Posted: 2003-05-06 22:42:09
by hakohugu
Thanks for your reply.

The words, "Express" and "beta", would be my problem because there is no mention what those terms mean in "Read Me", I suppose...

OK, the current version is the simplified version, I understand.

By the way, when I select "Send Feedback" from "Help"-menu, I am confused by two things;

1) to have a screen-shot, I press "shift-ctrl-command-4", I have no idea where the screen-shot file is.

2) when I press the button "Send Feedback" in Nisus Feedback window, there is no response, such as " your message is sent".

Nobody feels uneasy for those??

Posted: 2003-05-07 08:57:55
by JBL
There appears to be some sort of bug in their feedback mechanism. I already reported it to them. If you look in the console log file (by opening the console application in the utilities folder in your application folder) you will see all the error messages spewed out by various programs when things like that happen. If you have suggestions or bug reports that are not getting through I would post them here. You can also try emailing them at


Posted: 2003-07-18 15:22:44
by delackner
There is no screenshot file. Pressing control-command-shift-4 in OS X creates an image on the clipboard. Our feedback system reads whatever image is in the clipboard (and notifies you if there is none and you had checked the "send image" box).

If you have any difficulties sending feedback, please as someone else has said, email