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Post by r-sparks »

Is there anyway for each page to have a unique footer? I want to add footnotes to my doc. If I type into any page's footer, it's then duplicated on every page.

Thanks in advance.

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Post by dshan »

Footnotes and footers are not the same thing, so it depends on which you require. Footers appear on every page of the document and can vary from odd to even pages or by section, whereas footnotes can appear at the bottom of specific pages, are normally linked to some part of the text of that page. I guess if you made every page of your document a different section you could have a different footer for each section and thus page, assuming footers is what you're after rather than footnotes.

See "Headers and Footers", page 128 of the NWX User's Guide, and "Footnotes and Endnotes", page 138 of the NWX User's Guide, for details of these facilities and how to use them.

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