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MacWorld San Francisco

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I hope that all of you had a great Festivus.
It's time for Macworld! If you are in San Francisco, please come down and see us, most of us will be wearing pants this year.

here are the specials:
Nisus Writer Express (CD or Download): $49.95 (Regular Price $59.95)
Thanks for the invitation to visit. I would indeed like to come down and say hello. I would also like to take advantage of the show specials.

Unfortunately, my accountant has insisted that, after offsetting the return air fare from Australia to San Francisco, the special price would not be "cost effective".
I would put this down to typical bureaucratic short-sightedness were it not for the fact that, post Festivus holidays, I can't actually AFFORD to wear pants this month.

In lieu of that, however, I am saving up bottle caps and bits of string (and co-incidentaly, watching the $AU rise against the Greenback) in anticipation of the release of NWX 1.5 (with full tables support) whereupon I will cheerfully shell out the full whack, pants or no pants:-)

Have a nice MacWorld,
550MHz TiBk, 512Mb, OS 10.2.8 NWX 2.0

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