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Palette Bug

Posted: 2004-06-23 16:47:20
by cj
I inadvertently dropped a palette so that the top was placed under my Menu Bar, so now I can't close the palette. I decided to try to duplicate this bug and was successful. Is there some way, short of deleting preferences, to close palettes in which you cannot see the top?

Posted: 2004-06-24 09:16:18
by charles
If you are brave of heart, you could open your preferences file (in your Library/Preferences folder, named com.nisus.NisusWriter.plist) in TextEdit (with Nisus Writer Express NOT running) and look for the string "<key>toolbox.floatingPalette.defs</key>" You will see something that looks like this:

Code: Select all

                                <key>floating palette origin</key>
                                <string>{776, 367}</string>
                                <string>{171, 169}</string>
Delete all of it.

The only other way to fix it is to delete all your prefs. This annoying bug is fixed in 2.0. We also provide a menu to close palettes.


Posted: 2004-06-25 07:23:51
by cj
Got it. Thanks.