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Nisus Writer Express 3.5 released

Posted: 2015-09-21 12:22:08
by martin
This update introduces major changes, including support for Mac OS X autosave, document versioning, and iCloud.
Requires Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later. Mac OS X 10.6 is no longer supported.

This update is free for all current license holders of Express 3.x.

Get the Update:
You can update automatically inside the app, via the menu Nisus Writer Express > Check For Updates.
You can also directly download the new version.
If you purchased Nisus Writer Express through the Mac App Store, the update is also available there.

• Added support for Mac OS X document Versions: users can browse and revert to older versions of any document.
• Added support for Mac OS X Auto Save: changes to all opens documents are saved regularly.
• Added support for iCloud.
• Switched to 64-bit.
• Runs inside the Mac App sandbox.
• Changed: discontinued support for Mac OS X 10.6. The required system is now Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later.
• Release Notes