word and character statistics

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word and character statistics

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dear friends,

very simple question & maybe slightly off-topic :D

i need something that would list chinese characters and/or words by frequency in a chinese text + provide stats.

the result of processing a given text file would look like:

"hao" 1200 occurrences in text
"mei" 1000 occurrences in text
"die" 17 occurrences in text

as far as a i know NisusExpress can count words but does not provide this stats feature. i did a quick search on the web but i haven't been able to find anything suitable.

any advice mucho appreciated



ps. i know i can can use the 'find' function. im looking for something automatic for the whole text, or even better for a bunch of files.
ps2. i know wenlin software. unfortunately it doesnt have this feature either, it provides lists by frequency only for its own database

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