Congratulations Nisus - ePub output is great

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Congratulations Nisus - ePub output is great

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I've tried and failed to get half decent ePub output from InDesign CS4 so I was amazed to find out how good it was from NWP2. Most impressive. :)
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Re: Congratulations Nisus - ePub output is great

Post by Jester »

Congrats Nisus :D .

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Re: Congratulations Nisus - ePub output is great

Post by ptram »


[EDIT: I rewrote this message, to make my thought a bit clearer]

I'm dealing with the ePUB format more and more, and have discussed with others of how the various apps export in this format.

NWP2 exports XHTML code (HTML and ePUB export) making use of cascading style sheets (CSS); so, a level 1 heading becomes <p class="heading-1"> instead of the traditional <h1>. There are a couple problems inherent to this syntax, when dealing with more basic ePUB visualizers, or when instant semantic identification of structural elements is required.

For example, if you open an ePUB generated by NWP2 with Stanza on the Mac, you will notice that Heading 1 paragraphs are not shown as chapter starts: they appear as ordinary text. At the same time, this format makes editing code with Sigil (or other tools) much more difficult.

InDesign CS5 correctly exports Heading 1 paragraphs as <h1> tags in ePUBs. Unfortunately, it doesn't do the same when exporting HTML (CS5.5 fixes that). With InDesign, you can easily map the "Heading 1" paragraph style to a <h1> tag, and this will translate into a traditional syntax when exporting without CSS.

I could use the PowerFind feature of NWP to edit the resulting code, but I would love to see an option to export in a more traditional format.

Incidentally, the replacement strings I use in the PowerFind window are:
Search: <p class=(AllQuotes)heading-2(AllQuotes)>(Memorized()(AnyText)())</p>
Replace: <h2>(Memorized1)</h2>

I could not find a viable GREP syntax for TextWrangler, a very useful tool for editing multiple text files at once.

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Re: Congratulations Nisus - ePub output is great

Post by feat »

don't tell me epub output is great; just wait till you see what happens to images: once they are downsampled to low-resolution jpeg format, they are mangled beyond recognition, just the same as when exported to html...

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Re: Congratulations Nisus - ePub output is great

Post by tokeriis »

I couldn't find out how to use Powerfind to do the H replacements, so thanks :-)

Pages produce a much cleaner epub imo.

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