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Nisus Writer Feature Comparison

Nisus Writer Express -vs- Nisus Writer Pro

User Interface Nisus Writer Express Nisus Writer Pro
Dark Mode
Draft View
Page View
Full Screen mode
Focus mode
Split View
Document Manager
Advanced File Search and Saved Search Groups
Palettes are customizable
Toolbar is customizable
Add any command to Toolbar
Touch Bar is customizable
Add any command to Touch Bar
Keyboard Shortcuts are customizable
Multi-key Shortcuts (eg: ⌘OR for "Open Recent")
Synchronized Scrolling
Typewriter Scrolling
Special Characters are customizable
Font Menu Previews (WYSIWYG)
Horizontal and Vertical Rulers
Document Navigator Pane (TOC and Bookmarks)
Core Features Nisus Writer Express Nisus Writer Pro
macOS document autosave and versions
Sync documents and settings (iCloud Drive or DropBox)
Multilingual Text Editing (Unicode)
Right to Left Text
Language Sensitive Responses (spellchecking, keyboard, font, etc)
Vertical Text Layout Orientation (in text boxes and table cells)
Style Sheets
Style Library
List Styles (Bullets and Numbering)
Footnotes and Endnotes
Document or Section Endnotes
Advanced Note Style options
Document Sections
Paper size and margins
Headers and Footers
Page numbering and borders
Section columns (snaking)
Spellchecking (Inline and Guided)
Typing Corrections and Expansions
Typo correction
Smart punctuation and capitalization
Text expansions (Glossaries)
Live Word Count (and Character/Paragraph Counts)
Multipart and Rectangular Selections
Paragraph Borders and Shading
Leader Tabs
Wrap Text Around Images
Small Caps
File Formats Nisus Writer Express Nisus Writer Pro
Rich Text Format (RTF), native read and write
Microsoft Word ".doc" (97-2004), import and export
Microsoft Word DOCX, import and export limited
PDF, export only
PDF export includes comments and tracked changes
PDF export includes intra-document links (TOC, cross-refs, etc)
Apple Pages '09 and older, import only
Open Document (ODT), import and export
HTML, import and export
HTML Chapters, export only
WordPerfect, import only
plain text (Unicode and legacy encodings), read and write
EPUB, export only
Find and Replace Nisus Writer Express Nisus Writer Pro
Find and Replace
PowerFind (aka: regular expressions, "regex")
Find and Replace Formatting (attribute sensitive search)
Find Results List
Advanced Tools Nisus Writer Express Nisus Writer Pro
Track Changes
Drawing Tools (shapes, text boxes, etc)
Table of Contents (TOC)
Cross References
Mail Merge
Bookends Integration
Line Numbering
Page Watermarks
Nisus Macro Language
Widow and Orphan Control
Flesch and Kincaid reading ease scores
Automatic Content (date/time stamps, document properties, etc)
LinkBack Support