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Find Options

A host of options for find and replace including:

  • Ignore diacritics / diacritical marks.
  • Whole word matching (to ignore matches inside words).
  • Replace matching case (preserve uppercase vs lowercase).
  • Save and load frequently used expressions.
  • Find Panel
    Sophisticated Searches

    Advanced searches are made easy by our PowerFind feature, which shows friendly descriptive phrases you use to build your search patterns.

    Find all 5 digit numbers, find just capitalized words, or find all words ending in "ing" that only occur at the start of a paragraph.

    If you can describe it, Nisus Writer can find it!

    Regular Expressions (Regex)

    Advanced users will appreciate full support for powerful regular expressions using standard syntax like:

  • Wildcards and repetition operations
  • Unicode character classes
  • Look behind and look ahead
  • Captures and back-references
  • Regular Expressions (Regex)
    Learn More

    Read more in our user guide's help topic about Find and Replace.

    Browse the entire user guide online, or download the full PDF PDF User Guide.

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