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Nisus Email is discontinued and is no longer supported or available for purchase.


     Nisus Email is like any standard email client in that it manages your emails, but the similarities end there. The most noticeable difference is a tiny global window that always stays visible no matter what application you are in. This window is the main interface with Nisus Email. This means that where ever you are, Nisus Email is ready to go.

Quick Message
     When you click the global window it will expand to fill your screen. This window, which we like to call the Instant Window, displays all of your email contacts. From here you can quickly email anyone via the Quick Message Window: Just click on a contact icon, type your message, and hit send. It's that easy.

     Another way Nisus Email makes sending emails easy is DragSend. When you are in any application, such as a word processor or web browser, you can select some text and drag and drop it onto the Nisus Email icon. At that point the Instant Window expands and you can see all of your email contacts. Now you can choose to either send the text immediately or edit it to your liking. When you move the mouse over the top part of a contact icon you will see an indicator that the text is to be sent directly to the contact, with no delay. If you move the mouse over the bottom of a contact you will similarly see an indicator that you will be prompted to edit the text in the Quick Message Window before it is sent. Just move the mouse over one of these options and click to activate your choice.
     If you want to send a file (or a folder, or even multiple files) using DragSend, just drag and drop the file(s) onto the Nisus Email icon and click the contact you would like to send the files to. Just as with DragSending text, you can choose to either send or edit the message before it is sent. If you choose to send the file(s) immediately they are sent with a standard message (which you can customize to each icon). This standard message can even include a list of the attached file names.

Dispatch Folder
     Nisus Email is setup to constantly check a folder named "Dispatch." As soon as a file is placed within the Dispatch folder Nisus Email will expand the Instant Window and ask you to whom you would like to send the file to. You then click the recipient's icon, and the file is sent.
     There are two possible ways of using the Dispatch folder, depending on your preference settings. Under one option, text content of the file (where the format is known) is extracted, automatically edited (by adding extra returns for paragraph breaks where needed) and sent as the normal email message. Under an alternative option, the text is extracted as explained but the fully formatted file is automatically attached to the message as an attachment.
     To use the Dispatch folder from within Nisus Writer (or indeed any word processor) just prepare the email, then save it in the Dispatch folder. You immediately see the Nisus Email Instant Window, click the icon of the recipient, and the message is sent. Preferences also allow you to accumulate your files in the Dispatch folder before sending and begin sending only when you activate the Nisus Email window by clicking it.
     You may notice that with these arrangements, all the features of Nisus Writer (or your other word processor) become available to you in all your email transactions. For example, all the search and replace capabilities can now be used on all your sent and received emails, which are saved as Nisus Writer files.

Finder Like Interface
     As we have seen so far, sending emails is easier and more intuitive with Nisus Email than with any other email client. But receiving them is also easier with the use of Nisus Email's contact icons. When any email is received by Nisus Email, if the sender is one of the correspondents for whom you have set up an icon, that icon will indicate the presence of new email. If it is email from anyone else, the icon representing "New Contacts" (which is always there) will show the presence of email.

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