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Nisus Email is discontinued and is no longer supported or available for purchase.


What's new in the latest version (1.6.1) of Nisus Email?
What was new in older versions?

Updates for Version 1.6.1

Features / Niceties
  • Two issues that caused SMTP authentication failures have been resolved:
    1. Some servers report that the "PLAIN" SASL mechanism is supported, but do not actually implement/enable it. This mechanism is now avoided by Nisus Email if possible.
    2. Servers that specify the "FROM field parameter" AUTH mechanism are now assumed to support the generic form as well (eg: Yahoo! mail).
  • MIME messages structured as RFC 1154 (and predecessors) dictate are now handled. Currently Nisus Email decodes the "TEXT" and "UUENCODED" subtypes within this structure.
  • Opening a list of emails in your word processor now opens the list in sorted order
  • When multiple emails are opened within Nisus Email, the windows are staggered as to not go off the screen.
  • When a queued email does not have a recipient, the subsequent error message has been made more clear by including a date & subject in the prompt.
  • There is a "New Email" menuitem on the "File" menu.

  • Fixes
  • DragSends no longer results in double-sends.
  • The blue-screen-of-semi-visible-contact-icons has been fixed. This occured when forwarding an email via DragSend.
  • Opening multiple emails from the "Unread Unfiltered" window using the "Open in WP" button no longer causes crashes in some instances.
  • UUEncoding decoding is fixed. Decoding was sometimes flawed as filler bits were not stripped correctly.
  • Re-opening the preview window no longer crashes Nisus Email if the user had previously closed the preview window using the close box within a short interval.
  • Deleting an attachment on a forwarded email composition doesn't crash anymore.
  • No longer does Nisus Email display an empty progress dialog when opening up attachments without an associated creator application.
  • The from field on redirected emails is filled out properly.

  • Miscellaneous
  • Nisus Email's HTML-To-Text converter has been altered. Specifically, in the resulting decoded text:
    1. Anchor links (links within a single page) are no longer shown
    2. Link URLs with (N > 1) query string parameters no longer have the first N-1 parameters stripped off
    3. Unquoted tag properties whose values contain equals signs no longer get improperly converted
    4. Image tags are only shown if an ALT property exists
    5. Entity conversions within tag property values don't result in the end-entity character being shown under some conditions
    6. Whitespace is forced to follow all image tag conversions
    7. Improperly formed entities are handled more gracefully
  • Outgoing emails using "ISO-8859-1" are forced to be labeled as such, disregarding the TEC's name conversion in this case.
  • Nisus Email no longer sends "unbalanced" angle brackets for outgoing recipient fields.
  • The user is no longer allowed to identically name 2 personalities. Doing so caused confusion during editing.
  • Queued emails without a personality set trigger the personality creation dialog.
  • Quick Messages displayed as a result of handling "mailto" events no longer have an additional comma in "To" field.
  • The viewing window now has a border. Same size as Quick Message window border, which is now smaller.
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