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by jnlauderdale
2014-05-21 15:15:25
Forum: Nisus Writer Pro
Topic: Working With Nisus and Pages
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Re: Working With Nisus and Pages

Very slick and very useful. Was feeling dreary about the lack of RTF support from Apple and now you've gone and made my day.
by jnlauderdale
2006-08-23 15:25:17
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: The "Thank you" thread
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The "Thank You Thread"

I will second Mark XM on each and every point. The people who work their magic at Nisus do it with more style wit and humor than anyone around. Great product (even thought I haven't got my Pleading Template back yet ) and fabulous support. Indeed an nice contrast to an otherwise rather geeky, snide ...
by jnlauderdale
2006-03-26 15:28:41
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: Legal Pleading Papers
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Legal Pleading Papers

I was told there was an awareness of the number of legal practitioners who rely on the pleading papers function of the NW Classic. This was a feature that relied on the page-as-graphic capability. In the move to OS X it got shelved while more urgent stuff got rewritten and added. But when oh when wi...