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by stemfoort
2003-09-30 16:46:20
Forum: Other Nisus Products
Topic: NW Crashes
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:?: Hi! Have you tried the same under MacOS 9? I experienced the same kind of crashes until I drastically incresed memory allocation. Since then, smooth sailing; largest doc size = 889 pages prepared for camera-ready copy. On an HP 4000 Laserjet printer, by the way; never had any trouble with HP pri...
by stemfoort
2003-09-30 16:40:29
Forum: Other Nisus Products
Topic: Nisus to RTF to Word
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Nisus To RTF to WORD

:idea: Hi! I don't know whether you managed to solve the problem in the meantime, but this seems to be something of a classic. It's not just Nisus, also Word seems to react to RTF (format defined by Microsoft!) differently than most other programs. In short: Export RTF works mostly fine, except on ...