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by suthercd
2004-09-12 13:22:13
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: Autosave
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Autosave is not working for me. I have turned it on/off in Preferences, but I get a message 'Disabling Autosave Warning: Could not save document, autosave has been disabled.' when its timer triggers. I tried using the Document Manager to create a new doc, to see if that would allow autosave, but the...
by suthercd
2004-09-12 13:14:49
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: Help Index
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Searching in Help yields only "No matching help topics were found." The topic I searched for was spell, and I tried Spell, Check spell and other variations. The subject matter is in the help topics, but search did not work. The Nisus Writer Express 2.0 User Guide.pdf has the same info and is availab...
by suthercd
2003-10-24 02:43:56
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: NWE still not serviceable - what/when 1.1?
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I now use NWE for 90% of my word processing needs. The limitations of the functions provided with the v.10 release do become more than a nusance however. I just d/l'ed 1.0.3 but cannot find any documentation that lists what has changed. I have used NWE on different iterations of 10.3 as they have be...