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by Ellen
2016-02-28 02:01:44
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Topic: NWP 2.1.3 Crashes on Launch - With Solution
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Re: NWP 2.1.3 Crashes on Launch - With Solution

First, let me say that dshan is great in posting something that he already has the solution to. I had exactly the same problem and fixed it in similar ways. I can add that Apple has now posted a fix here: If the Ethernet connection on your Mac stopped working recently
by Ellen
2004-02-13 06:01:28
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: Problem with replace
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Problem with replace

I'm using NWE 1.1.2 and have a problem with the replace function. If I use the "next" button to find the next occurrence, all I can do is "replace all". There is no way to replace only the found occurrence. If I use "find all" in the separate find window, choosing an occurence and clicking "replace"...
by Ellen
2003-11-23 11:22:21
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: NWE 1.1 and Find
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NWE 1.1 and Find

I have just updated to NWE 1.1 and the Find function doesn't work anymore. It just doesn't do anything at all. On another computer, very similar to mine, it does work, so it must be something on my machine. I have deactivated the only thing I can see that is different on the two machines, Default fo...