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by Tom Gorham
2006-02-08 04:01:49
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: Tiny feature request
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Tiny feature request

I'd love the Edit > Paste > Paste Text Only menu command to have a keyboard shortcut!
by Tom Gorham
2005-02-01 09:37:38
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: That American flag
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That's funny, I was thinking exactly the same thing last night - the US flag seems to override the UK one too often. It is slightly irritating when it marks up US spelling, but the fact that I've lived with it without comment for a couple of months means I can cope...

(Also from Scotland, too)
by Tom Gorham
2005-01-12 02:22:00
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: Look what Apple did!
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It looks more like a DTP application to me, which is something that the Mac desperately needed at the low-end.

Different market to NWE entirely.
by Tom Gorham
2004-09-30 06:59:37
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: Who are Nisus' "Santa's helpers"?
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I found this a very interesting read.
by Tom Gorham
2004-09-21 00:17:30
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: numbered and bulleted lists
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I would love to be able to just type "*" and have Nisus start prefixing lines with bullets, as Word can. Likewise, Nisus should be able to turn on numbering automatically when it sees a line that begins with "1.". These are big time savers, but because Nisus doesn't have them, I'm reluctant to swit...