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by George the Flea
2007-07-05 09:10:41
Forum: Nisus Writer Pro
Topic: Congratulations
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Hooray! I've been waiting for Pro eagerly since it was announced. May I just say that I'm very impressed with the final product? Outside of the many features I'd been lusting after (fullscreen margins being one! What a pleasant surprise), I was very happy to find that despite the program being over ...
by George the Flea
2007-03-20 20:31:57
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: Comments: A Question
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Please, please, please let comments/annotations be added to Nisus. Some thoughts: Word's implementation of comments is alright. It is not "damn near perfect." Here's why: if there are lots and lots of comments, the margin gets way too cluttered, and all the comments are are shuffled off into a weird...
by George the Flea
2007-02-06 18:46:43
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: one more for outline
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This would be a really cool feature. I've been using Scrivener for this kind of outline functionality, but I would love to see it in Nisus.
by George the Flea
2006-12-13 00:01:36
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: Feature request poll...
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Re: A short wish list

3. JOIN command, which removes all carriage returns from a block of text, and adds a trailing space to the end of any line that lacks one. Why do this just in Nisus when you could do it in any program on your computer? Check out TextSoap . It's a great program for bulk formatting text, and the Delu...
by George the Flea
2006-12-12 15:33:28
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: Support for annotations?
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Support for annotations?

Are there any plans for Nisus Writer Express to support annotations (and, less importantly, Word-style Track Changes)? There simply aren't any good annotation options out there (I don't count Pages, thanks to it only running on Macs) and the RTF spec has support for annotations that I think would tr...