Why can't I select/move a LiveObject after clicking on it?

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Why can't I select/move a LiveObject after clicking on it?

Post by martin » 2004-09-08 15:09:13

OpenDoc Live Objects behave differently from other Nisus Writer graphic objects. When you click once into a Live Object, the object becomes "activated". In this state, the menus change and the Live Object's editor comes into the forefront within Nisus Writer. To move, position and resize a Live Object, the object needs to become "selected". To select a Live Object, hold down the shift key when you click on the Live Object. When it is selected, the Live Object will have a dotted rectangle around it's perimeter and will have selection handles. The handles will allow you to resize the objects editing area. In this state the object can be dragged to a different location, can be moved by using the arrow keys. You can also select a Live Object while on the graphics layer by dragging the mouse over the Object while holding the mouse button down.

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